Hollywood crew films movie at the Plymouth Trial Court

fan ever, was jealous until she got her own glimpse of the star. Bortoluzzi learned her favorite actor would be in town just before leaving the Carolinas to visit her aunt and uncle, Jay and Jane Feeney of Plymouth. When my mom told me I was running around the house screaming. I just love his story, how he crashed and burned and then became this amazing celebrity. Hes an amazing actor and hes cute, Bortoluzzi said, showing off an image of Downey she uses as the wallpaper on her iPhone. Conversation in the parking lot while waiting for star sightings inevitably turned to the failed plans to construct a local studio, Hollywood East.
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Hollywood: Gay marriage’s best man

will grace

Film historian Leonard Maltin says that while independent artists have for decades been pushing for broader acceptance of gays and lesbians, big strides were made when, for example, Oscar winner Tom Hanks took on the role of a gay man suffering from AIDS in 1993’s Philadelphia, which co-starred Denzel Washington as his homophobic lawyer, or when Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger starred as gay cowboys in 2005’s Brokeback Mountain. “Philadelphia put a human face on the AIDS crisis, and Brokeback put a human face on repression and enabled people who hadn’t thought about that to experience the pain and anguish that go along with that,” says Maltin. “These are all milestones on a long path to complete understanding and tolerance.” Another mainstream arrow in Hollywood’s tolerance quiver was Lisa Cholodenko’s 2010 dysfunctional-family drama The Kids Are Alright, whose protagonists (Annette Bening and Julianne Moore) are a married lesbian couple whose decision to have children by artificial insemination brings a sperm donor played by Mark Ruffalo into the saga. Kids was a touchstone for director Stacie Passon, whose soon-to-be-released feature film, Concussion, is about a woman in a gay marriage who hits her head and suddenly wants to escape her minivan life, surely a fear/fantasy not limited to gays and lesbians. “We’re past the stories of people coming out,” says Passon. “We have now evolved so that people can see themselves in this married couple, because everyone has the seven-year itch or a midlife crisis.” She takes it as a sign of cultural progress that “people have told me that (Concussion) is not a gay movie.
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The Hollywood Reporter’s Best Stories of the Week

Film chief Jeff Robinov follows TV head Bruce Rosenblum out the door as a film trio takes over and an analyst warns, “One of the three will eventually drive the other two out.” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/kevin-tsujiharas-ax-falls-hard-574502?AP MARLON WAYANS LAUNCHING URBAN FUNNY OR DIE (EXCLUSIVE) The comic tells THR he hopes WhattheFunny.com, created with Funny or Die’s COO, becomes the “‘In Living Color’ of the Web.” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/marlon-wayans-launching-urban-funny-574363?AP MARVEL SCREENWRITER: ‘WHY HAS DESTRUCTION BECOME THE DEFAULT’ IN MOVIES? (GUEST COLUMN) Zack Stenz, who co-wrote ‘Thor’ and ‘X-Men: First Class,’ warns that when hit movies keep pummeling cities (and audiences) from Washington, D.C. to London, “the more destruction you see, the more hollow it feels.” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/marvels-x-men-thor-screenwriter-574533?AP JAMES GANDOLFINI COVER: 17 TRIBUTES TO THE ICONIC ACTOR In the wake of ‘The Sopranos’ star’s death of a heart attack on June 20, friends and collaborators remember a titan of the craft and a man of complex integrity. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/james-gandolfini-death-17-tributes-574415?AP EMMYS: ‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ YARD SIGNS UP CAMPAIGN ANTE Stump for Netflix, get a Starbucks gift card is the latest trick in an all-gloves-off race for a nomination. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/emmys-netflixs-house-cards-yard-574433?AP THE STRANGE SAGA OF THE SHOWTIME PRODUCER, HIGH-STAKES POKER AND THE RUSSIAN MOB Bryan Zuriff was a rich Hollywood wannabe, Joe Francis’ friend, and on the verge of success with “Ray Donovan.” Then the authorities knocked on his door. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/ray-donovans-bryan-zuriff-strange-574369?AP CHANNING TATUM, JAMIE FOXX AND ‘WHITE HOUSE DOWN’S SUPERHERO-FREE SUMMER GAMBLE Hollywood’s fastest-rising male star joins forces with the Oscar-winner in the studio’s latest try for a (nonsuperhero) hit: Says Amy Pascal, “Whatever else works, in the end, people want to see movies about people.” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/white-house-down-channing-tatum-574352?AP CHANNING TATUM ON DIRECTING ‘MAGIC MIKE 2’, STEVEN SODERBERG’S D.P.
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Hollywood “boiler room” sold $2 million in fake precious metals; two arrested

Frade and Quinones are accused soliciting investors through their Hollywood-based company, Integrated Market Capital Investments, doing business as Midas Asset Exchange in Hollywood. After making the investment with Midas Asset Exchange, investors typically received account statements showing the alleged purchase of metals. Investors claimed that Frade and Quinones led them to believe that the metals listed on the account statements would be stored for them in a vault or other safe place until such time as they desired to sell. The investigation revealed that only a small portion of investor money was used to trade possessory rights to precious metal inventory, and none of it was used to purchase or store the physical metals.
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Where Hollywood magic is made

It’s a great opportunity to spot celebrities. The newest star, as of June 14, is Jennifer Lopez, the 2,500th star to shine at Hollywood and Vine. Then there are the great iconic movie palaces that tower like cathedrals over Hollywood Boulevard. The classic Egyptian Theater, renovated to the tune of $15 million, stands proud, shows superb films, and is open at select times for tours by well-informed docents.
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Hollywood A-listers ‘demand zero’ nukes in new video

“I demand zero,” said each star, including Oscar winners Douglas, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Christoph Waltz and Robert De Niro. The video script consists of lines straight from Obama’s landmark speech in the Czech Republic capital of Prague on April 5, 2009. “Today, I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security,” Obama is heard saying — with Douglas and Naomi Watts both completing his sentence — “of a world without nuclear weapons.” CNN Poll: Obama approval falls amid controversies Michael Douglas and other Hollywood celebrities, in a video from the website globalzero.org, recite lines from President Barack Obama’s 2009 speech in Prague. The celebrities — also including Martin Sheen, Danny DeVito, Alec Baldwin, John Cusack and Zoe Kravitz — tag-team to deliver Obama’s words: “This matters to people everywhere…
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After The Rachel, Jen’s a braided lady: Actress shows off latest hairstyle at Hollywood party

The actress showed off her gym-toned arms at the Hollywood event

Aniston was pictured laughing and joking with former co-star Bradley Cooper Aniston wore a short, figure-hugging strapless dress to the even, which showed off her toned body Its creator Chris McMillan recently admitted that he was ‘stoned’ when he came up with the style. Having now teamed with Aniston on a range of hair products he said that he was under the influence of drugs when he came up with the look in 1994. Fans are wondering what style the actress will chose for her upcoming wedding to actor Justin Theroux.
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West Hollywood announces street closures for L.A. Pride Parade

The city will not enforce permit parking through 7 a.m. Monday, though meter parking will be enforced, according to city officials. The 1.9-square-mile city borders Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, which have their own parking restrictions that must be observed, officials said.
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CAA Signs Five Hollywood-Based Canadian TV Screenwriters (Exclusive)

CAA’s Kenneally and Miller are this week at the Banff World Media Festival, taking meetings with Canadian broadcasters looking to possibly exploit Maple Gravy’s command of the Hollywood sitcom. The company launch coincides with Canadian screenwriters with Hollywood experience increasingly returning home to make sitcoms as they work both sides of the border. Examples include recent Canadian chucklers like City’s Seed, created by Joseph Raso, who developed the Disney pilot for Zombies & Cheerleaders, and fellow Los Angeles-based TV writer Tim McAuliffe (Up All Night, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon), who is stick-handling the first season of the ensemble comedy Satisfaction for CTV and has another project, The Khouris, ordered to pilot by rival CBC. City is also getting set to debut Package Deal, a multicamera comedy from Los Angeles-based Canadian creator Andrew Orenstein, whose Hollywood credits include Malcolm in the Middle and 3rd Rock From the Sun.
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Teenager drowns in Hollywood canal

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